Reporting Little Blue Men

Eric Osborne osborne at
Thu Jan 22 16:41:28 UTC 1998

Yeah, but the original post said something along the lines of 
"any packets to or from my network to a broadcast address".  It's not the
"to" part of that which is a problem, but the "from" - as you know, x.y.z.3
can be a host or a broadcast address (if it's a /30 mask).  

In other words, I can't prevent my customers from sending packets to
a broadcast address, esp. on a subnet smaller than /24.  You might be
able to block outgoing packets for destination x.y.z.255, but if you've got
a mask >/24 (/23, etc..), couldn't .255 be a valid host address?

Just being picky, I suppose....


> At 10:55 PM 1/21/98 -0500, Eric Osborne wrote:
> >How do you prevent packets from your network with a broadcast address, since 
> >what defines a "broadcast" address really depends on the subnet mask?
> >
> "no ip directed-broadcast"
> - paul

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