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Wed Jan 21 22:24:30 UTC 1998

These are crimminal statues, and apply to "providers of wire communications

Read these:

Definitions: (Wire communications)

Interception and disclosure of wire, oral, or electronic communications

If you operate a service available to the public, the rules are much
different than if you operate a private company's internal mail system.

So far as I know, these laws haven't been repealed.  But cornell says they
use the January '96 CD.  Maybe they have been repealed.

If you're not a provider of wire communication services according to the
definitions, they don't apply.

Anyway, my original point was to explain why the FBI is unresponsive to DoS

I think we can stop insisting that "these laws don't apply to me". Maybe
they don't.  If not, then don't worry.


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