Reporting Little Blue Men

Dave Van Allen dave at
Wed Jan 21 00:50:16 UTC 1998

Start by making sure your RAS users and direct customers (your network's
edge) can only output packets that contain their valid source address.
If everyone did this, all of the world's problems would go away; Ozone
depletion, world hunger, that silly rain forest thing, Smurfs and DoS
and maybe even Microsoft! :-)

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Subject: Reporting Little Blue Men

Just about every night someone(s) tries to use us as the "innocent
third party" in smurf attacks.  Of course, we block and log all the
broadcast packets.

Is there any point in trying to report these attacks?  Who would we
report them to?  We don't know what the source is, after all the
address is spoofed.  It seems kind of pointless to notify the victim
-- they already know they have been smurfed.

I want to do my part to try to stop attacks, but I'm baffled on this


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