Reporting Little Blue Men

Martin Hannigan hannigan at
Wed Jan 21 00:32:12 UTC 1998

> At 9:45 AM -0500 1/20/98, Eric Wieling wrote:
> You should be able to figure out what interfaces they are comming in on.
> That's the first step.
> >Is there any point in trying to report these attacks?  Who would we
> >report them to?  We don't know what the source is, after all the
> >address is spoofed.  It seems kind of pointless to notify the victim
> >-- they already know they have been smurfed.
> You report them to the FBI. See "Firewalls and Internet Security" by
> Cheswick and Bellovin, and "Unix System Security" by Curry.

Why not spend the time securing the system instead?

[ snip ]

> I suppose that some on this list are ill-disposed to accept they are
> breaking any laws. I doubt anyone wants to argue this on this list.  So I
> won't.

Thanks. There are already plenty of places to troll, but please,
not here.

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