100Mbit ISDN solution

Mark Borchers markb at infi.net
Mon Jan 19 03:39:37 UTC 1998

When faced with a similar request recently, I found nothing
in the low-end market that had a 100BT interface.

You can get one on a Cisco 36xx router.

Or for less money, run from your Pipeline into a switch that has
at least one each 10BT and 100BT ports.  With an ISDN link, the
10BT "bottleneck" is a moot point.

> Hey guys. Ran into a problem the other day. A customer of mine has a
> 100Mbit network, with 100Mbit hubs. They want ISDN access, so they hook a
> Pipeline 50 to their hub, dial it up, connect to the internet. But, hey
> nothing on the network can see it. Doh! I didnt think about the little
> 10Mbit into 100Mbit hub problem. I called Ascend and they said they do not
> have a router than can do 100Mbit yet, does anyone here know of an ISDN
> router that will support 100Mbit, or some kind of AUI transceiver that may
> go 10 to 100? Any help would be greatly appreciated...
> Thanks
> Luke

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