Lewis Eatherton eathertl at segasoft.com
Thu Jan 15 22:32:41 UTC 1998

Well, I'm getting very little help from ANS (they are blaming it on Sprint)
and NO help from Sprint, so mabye a post here will help...

  9 sl-bb4-ana-0-0-0-155M.sprintlink.net ( 28 msec 24 msec 32
 10 h10-1.t16-0.Los-Angeles.t3.ans.net ( 32 msec 32 msec

Packet loss between these two has been 40% or more for weeks now.  From our
providor (Pilot) this is one of our main paths to anything hosted by ANS on
the east coast, so basically at 40% packet loss, we have no connectivity.

ANS says Sprint has been aware of this is and is awaiting a "management
decision" to upgrade the links.  ETA, who knows.

Sprint, you listening?

Lewis Eatherton
Network Architect
SegaSoft, Inc

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