Pam Ciesla pam at
Wed Jan 14 17:11:26 UTC 1998

The attendee list has been updated. If you are not on the list and should be
please contact me. Please be sure when you are registering at the Crowne
Plaza Pyramid that you use the NANOG rate for rooms. There will be a
Margarita Salsa Reception Sunday, 2/8 6-7:30PM. The Tutorial will follow at
7:30PM. We will also do Pre-registration for pre-paid people only. T-shirts
will not be given out at this time. Lunch will be offered for the first
300 people both days. There are several other eating places close by. If
you have special meal request (kosher, diabetic, etc) please let me know
as soon as possible. Please note that there will be meat/vegetarian meals
both days.

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