Out of Line ? [Was: UDP port 137 Question]

Ted Frohling tsf at opus.Telcom.Arizona.EDU
Wed Jan 14 15:37:36 UTC 1998

I agree that we have those soals out there that are trying to test things.
We've had our share as well.  As a result I added filters to our off
campus links only to find out that we have remote users and researchers
that HAVE to get back to their NT, etc domains, using netbios over IP.
The latest example was some guy that spent 12 weeks on a Navy ship and
used their satellite link to get back to his univeristy NT domain.  Of
course that was before the filters went in.  Now I have to add permit 
lines so legitimate users can get their work done.  sheesh.


Phil Wood wrote:
> I was not offended.  The majority of garbage traffic directed at
> us appears to be coming from MS things (for want of a better name).
> I guess you could equate the MS thing to a typewriter and the person
> that is using it to a monkey.  Hmmm, MS == MonkeyShines*.
>   * mon.key.shine \'m*n-ke--.shi-n\ n : a mischievous trick : PRANK
> The table below shows some of the Monkeyshines I've seen (Jan 1 - Jan 11).
> The biggy, was traced to somewhere in Alternet.  (I'm expecting
> some resolution on that one any month now).  All source addresses are
> flowing from beyond our boarders and directed to real and/or imagined
> hosts on our network.  Our router filters these bogus things out.  It
> would be nice to track them all down and help the poor souls who are
> just trying to get some work done.
> Maybe some of you operators could stop it before it travels halfway around
> the world to our site.
>   Count                     Source                        Destination
>   73663 

Much stuff deleted.

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