gigabit ethernet bbones

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Wed Jan 14 04:03:12 UTC 1998

Packet Engines is pretty good.  The founder of Packet developed and
shipped the first 10/100 switch and adapters when he had GrandJunction
so he has been around a while.  GrandJunction was later sold to Cisco
and the old GrandJunction products became the Catalyst 2800 series with
much of the older product being carried forward into the new 1900 (and
similar) series.

Also, Extreme makes some pretty good boxes.  The Extreme's incorporate
IP Switching into most of their units which is nice in some cases and
they do a good job of mixing 10/100 and 1000 on the same box.

Chad Skidmore
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 worried about my nfs servers and am eyeing foundry networks' gig

 anyone used such a beast, or played with their GSR? (not something I
 use as a border router but..) how about other small companies like

 I understand that mindspring is beginning to deploy their products..

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