Smurfing and other problems...

Joe Shaw jshaw at
Mon Jan 12 14:38:11 UTC 1998

Good morninig everyone,
Does anyone have an operations contact at Flash Net?  Around 4:30am CST
Sunday morning I was in the office due to a fiber cut and got on IRC to
talk to some of our tech support staff to give them a heads up on the
situation.  I ended up running into someone who started using all his
k-r4d skr1ptz and decided to start smurfing, port scanning and trying some
remote expoits.  I captured everything and tried to notify's
NOC, but haven't gotten a response yet.  Anyone ever dealt with any sort
of operational issue with this bunch or am I going to have to start
talking to the Feds first?  He only did it for a short time, but long
enough that if Flash Net had someone on duty and their contact numbers
in whois were to their NOC instead of their sales office I would have been
able to track this kid down.

Any help is appreciated.

Joe Shaw - jshaw at
NetAdmin - Insync Internet Services
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