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Fri Jan 9 08:18:03 UTC 1998

On Jan 7, Adam Rothschild <asr at> wrote: 

> I would be interested to know:
> Have there been any court cases in which the plantiff (spam victim) sued
> the defendant (spamming asshole) for monetary compensation for damages,
> due to the fact that the plantiff's e-mail carried a signature along the
> lines of "$x charge per spam message recieved"? (no other factors of
> significance involved...)...?
> OR... incidents in which such a "spam fee" was actually paid outside of
> court?
> It would be interesting to find out how effective such a threat really is.

	To the best of my knowledge (and I follow this closely, though
	I no longer read the* groups due to my
	limited time and their overwhelming lack of substance), nobody
	has ever collected based on such threats.

	In some instances, however, that specific spam has stopped.

	We should probably continue this elsewhere, perhaps spam-policy
	or a similar list.

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