You know it's time to quit when...

Matthew D. Lammers lammers at
Fri Jan 9 08:00:48 UTC 1998

This probably doesn't belong here, but this _could_ be considered humorous
and we all like humor...I'm forwarding a bit of e-mail that the staff for
our Dial In Internet Services received tonight...

< The second question has to do with privacy.  I noted that when
< I went to "the Stalker's Home Page" the server could read
< the Domain name for my IP address.  Since my Domain name can
< change every time I dial in, that's no big deal,  but
< I have read that credit card numbers and other such 
< information can be extrapolated from my machine even if I'm
< using a temporary IP address. 

How do I 'splain to the user that his IP address is nothing too secretive
and what DNS really is for?  :)  I think he thinks that his IP was read
from his hard drive....

Although it is slightly possible that his HD can get "read" with HTML
cookies and other methods, do I invoke the fear of God into this poor soul
and tell him everything I can or just shut up and play dumb? 

Maybe some RFCs will clear things up for him...Nah, I'll just tell
him it's all magic.

And I just wonder how "temporary" IP address space is allocated? 
Afterall, I was hoping that we could play magical CIDR blocks and get all
new ones next week...These /17s are all dirty now and I want new ones.


  Matthew D. Lammers -- NetSet Internet Solutions, Inc.

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