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Ouch... IMHO thats C&W showing their newbie status (at least for the UK,
they've only been operating/advertising as an ISP for a couple of months).  

I've copied to the UK spamstop list for info/comment.

In <199801062307.RAA25700 at>, on 01/06/98 
   at 05:07 PM, Jeremy Porter <jerry at> said:

>Have any providers gone on record as stating that
>they are going to require anti-spam policies in their future peering
>agreements?  We have the case of a spam attack coming from Cable and
>Wireless CWIX.NET customer:
>Here is CWIX saying its ok to send in bulk unsolicited email. We are
>going to require that our service providers and peers argee to not pass
>us spam traffic, by whatever means that they want to impelement.  As a
>stop gap, I imaging a route map to map all prefixes arriving out of AS
>5683 to Null0 for the time being will a stop gap, until we can get our
>providers to drop peering with these idiots.

>I imagine we will also be pursing legal action as these people are
>located in state.

>>Here is the official response from CWIX.NET (cable wireless ex)
>>><excerpt>Sender: lawrence at 
>>>Date: Mon, 05 Jan 1998 19:20:34 -0500 
>>>From: Lawrence Guidry  
>>>Organization: Cable & Wireless Internet Exchange (CWIX) 
>>>To: "Patrick Michael O'Leary"  
>>>Subject: [Fwd: Ticket #92258 (craig) Spammed email to our site!
>>>Upon investigation, your complaint appears to be without merit. 
>>>The simple act of sending commercial bulk e-mail to your clientelle is
>>>not in and of itself a violation of our AUP. 
>>>Any issues of complaint regarding plagerism towards Roy Bronson are
>>>between you and he. 
>>>Of course, please feel free to re-clarify your complaint for further
>>>consideration by us. 

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