UDP port 137 Question

Henry Linneweh linneweh at concentric.net
Wed Jan 7 07:15:21 UTC 1998

port 139 is the OOB bug known as winnuke attack and can be patched, variations
come through other ports as directed by Linux boxes at win95 users or MS users

Henry R. Linneweh

C. Jon Larsen wrote:

> Is there any *valid* reason to see UDP traffic directed at a unix box's
> port 137 coming from IP sources across the internet ? The unix servers in
> question are most definitely *not* running samba, and there is absolutely
> no NT anywhere on this customer's network (that is seeing the incoming UDP
> traffic directed at an IP destination address on port 137). (A couple
> of 95 boxes scattered across an Ethernet comprise the Micro$oft part of
> the network). None of the 95 boxen are running any file or print serving
> (sharing) resources.
> I can't think of any valid reason to see this traffic, personally. Anybody
> out there that can present a scenario where I would expect to see these
> UDP packets coming back in ?
> netbios-ns      137/tcp         nbns
> netbios-ns      137/udp         nbns
> netbios-dgm     138/tcp         nbdgm
> netbios-dgm     138/udp         nbdgm
> netbios-ssn     139/tcp         nbssn
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