UDP port 137 Question

James Stephens james at iperform.net
Tue Jan 6 22:09:23 UTC 1998

A weird thing I noticed about Microsoft in the past is that occasionally it
will think you are on a class B network even if your address space ic
clearly class C.  I had that problem with an ISP I did consulting for, they
were assigned the network (I might be wrong about the second
octet).  We noticed heavy traffic coming in on their t1, so heavy infact
that the poor cisco 3000 could barely handle commands from a terminal.  It
turns out that several networks were misconfigured and sending their
broadcast traffic to us, we promptly called the upstream and asked for a
new /24.  I know it's sort of off topic for the port 137-139 discussion,
but I thought some of you guys would be interested.


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