UDP port 137 Question

Eric Germann ekgermann at cctec.com
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The other less paranoid scenario is they were renumbered and didn't update
some server mappings in WINS or LMHOSTS and you were lucky enough to get
their old space.


At 10:52 AM 1/6/98 -0800, Dalvenjah FoxFire wrote:
>C. Jon Larsen put this into my mailbox:
>> Is there any *valid* reason to see UDP traffic directed at a unix box's
>> port 137 coming from IP sources across the internet ? The unix servers in
>> question are most definitely *not* running samba, and there is absolutely
>> no NT anywhere on this customer's network (that is seeing the incoming UDP
>> traffic directed at an IP destination address on port 137). (A couple
>> of 95 boxes scattered across an Ethernet comprise the Micro$oft part of
>> the network). None of the 95 boxen are running any file or print serving
>> (sharing) resources.
>> I can't think of any valid reason to see this traffic, personally. Anybody
>> out there that can present a scenario where I would expect to see these
>> UDP packets coming back in ?
>No. Doubtless some idiot thinks everybody runs WinDoze and is trying to
>winnuke you, especially if several boxes get hit one after the other.
>E-mail the contacts of the source address and ask that the account
>be removed; chances are the person wasn't clueful enough to spoof the
>source address.
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