Attack of the Killer Spam

Alex P. Rudnev alex at
Fri Jan 2 14:53:53 UTC 1998

I collect some spammer accountibng here; and I saw a lot of spam been 
sent from UUnet's, MCI's and Sprint's dialup addresses to some 
mail-relays. If someone want to get this collected spam messages, I can 
do it for him in near future.

PS. Don't kill anyone, but investigate him and poisone him to the 
half-live state -:). It's the best idea I know...

But I don't think it's the best place for the such discussions.

On Tue, 30 Dec 1997, Adam Rothschild wrote:

> Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 19:42:07 -0500
> From: Adam Rothschild <asr at>
> To: nanog at
> Subject: Attack of the Killer Spam
> NANOG folk:
> Over the past few weeks, I have noticed an influx of SPAM(tm) transmitted by
> UUNet dynamic IP dial-up users (read: MSN, Earthlink, GTE, etc.) and relayed
> using Earthlink SMTP relays.  Am I turning senile prematurely, or has anyone
> else noticed this influx?
> Also, how easy would it be for Earthlink and other nationwide "ISP's" (or
> more accurately, UU/PSI resellers) to do the following?  This would not stop
> SPAM(tm) dead in its tracks, but I figure it would make it easier to hold
> spammers accountable at least... unless, of course, they use throw-away
> accounts, in which case there is not much that can be done...
> - institute anti-spam rules on their SMTP relays, i.e. only relay mail
> reporting to be from and the virtual domains they host
> - only allow SMTP relaying from IP's assigned to *their customers*
> dynamically (cross-reference Radius logs?)
And what would you get? It's not problem for any spammer to bye 100 
dialup accounts around USA, and use (legally) all this UUnet's, MCI's etc 
mail relays... 

> Constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated!  Together, we CAN make a
> difference.

> Regards,
> Adam

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