route ingress

Jeremy Porter jerry at
Fri Jan 2 06:30:54 UTC 1998

Love to hear something about this at Nanog.  Even if just
a 5 minute thing, saying, hey operators, your going to need this,
read it, comment on it, beat your favorite router vendor(s) to impentlement

In message <199801010626.WAA21612 at>, Tony Li writes:
>|  Are there any pointers?
>There will be an ID as soon as it's cooked.  Expect it this month (Jan).
>|  > The only real solution is strong cryptographical authentication of
>|  > the ownership of routing prefixes.   For some reason i do not see
>|  > any serious work in that direction being done.
>|  Actually, it is being done.  It's not ready for implementation yet.

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