Something fishy at NetSol again...

Rodney Joffe rjoffe at
Wed Dec 30 05:38:59 UTC 1998

I hate co-incidences.

At the same time as this story appeared today,4,30366,00.html?
whois queries started returning:

* WELCOME to InterNIC Registration Services 
* Sorry, the system load is temporarily too heavy.
* Please wait a while and try again.  Thanks

It's currently 12:34am EST. and the response is still mostly the same.

A query still needs 5-10 attempts before a server responds.

Dig used to (a couple of weeks ago) show a bunch of servers. Now there
is only 1:

Is anyone else having this problem?

Does anyone else have a solution?

We're trying to track down the source of a dos attack, and this kind of
screwing around to find contact data isn't helpful...

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