** Forged spamming going on

Dean Anderson dean at av8.com
Wed Dec 23 19:35:58 UTC 1998

At 11:08 AM 12/23/1998 -0800, Patrick Greenwell wrote:
>On Tue, 22 Dec 1998, Dean Anderson wrote:
>> I have argued in the past that the RBL will not acheive its desired goals.
>> And I don't think it will, or has.  But I don't deny it certainly does have
>> effective power to coerce and influence the industry.  It can clearly move
>> big players like earthlink and others.
>If it is an effective power to move big players, it would seem that it has
>been at least moderately successful in acheiving its' desired goals. 

Except that the goal was to stop spam, not just make people jump through

I haven't seen any change in spam volume.  So I think it has been
ineffective at achieving its goals.

A gun has effective power too. Except that it should be used by Police
Officers to stop crime, and not by random vigilantes to shoot whomever they
please and ask questions later.

And like any powerful tool, there should be some responsibility for its use
and misuse.  Paul has none.

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