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John Hensley hensley at
Wed Dec 23 17:00:56 UTC 1998

At 10:55 +0100 23 December 1998, Mikael Abrahamsson <swmike> wrote:

> On Tue, 22 Dec 1998, Daniel Reed wrote:
> > Actually, this mailing list neither adds in a "Mailing-List: ..."
> > header nor a "Precedence: bulk" header, which are the two easiest
> > ways to spot a modern mailing list. I'd suggest you complain to the
> > mailing list managers, not the poor people whose [most likely]
> > properly configured autoresponders aren't being given the
> > information they should be given.
> Also, it seems to use sendmail for its deliveries. This makes it take
> 10-20 minutes before email reaches me (sometimes more). I wish they
> would use qmail instead (for instance). Dont know if they use
> majordomo but I have successfully made majordomo use qmail-inject and
> use qmail for outgoing list-mail whilst still using sendmail for
> incoming email (for flexibility with aliases etc. Makes the transition
> much easier. 

The NANOG list has been running with sendmail, majordomo and bulk_mailer
on a long-suffering SPARC 5. This is the reason for both the lag time
and the lack of Precedence: header (bulk_mailer strips it out by
default; I don't know if running it thus was a policy decision or simply
an oversight). On and off for the last few days I've been using you all
as guinea pigs in my evaluation of Postfix on an Ultra 5, and so far it
looks promising. Delivery times are down quite a bit. To use you as an
example, Mikael, the current setup took between 9 and 14 minutes to make
deliveries to you yesterday. Routing the list traffic through Postfix on
the faster machine dropped that to 60-100 seconds. And as several people
have noted, the Precedence: header is preserved.

It's a little early yet to make a wholesale switch to the new system,
but I'm hoping to do so in January. If nothing else we'll be on the
better hardware. Bear with us a little longer.

John Hensley <hensley at>
Merit Network, Inc.

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