christmas quizzy

Alex "Mr. Worf" Yuriev alex at
Wed Dec 23 16:24:23 UTC 1998

Q: Name a network with a market cap of 62.6B USD where a seniour network
   engineer calling to follow up on a ticket opened by his/her partner upon
   being told that "We have checked the connection and are not seeing a problem
   reaching them. Can you please provide us with additional information such as
   if you are seeing a complete loss of connectivity, packet loss, huge latency
   etc or anything else?" replies with "Hmm.. I am not sure I understand you"
   and up on "We are attempting to determine if they can be running some sort
   of traffic shaping" says "I am sorry, can I put you on hold? What you are
   saying is either completely over my head or I am not understanding the 
   problem. I need to find one of my engineers".



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