Pauls RBL Campaign of Terror

Christopher E. Brown cbrown at
Wed Dec 23 10:03:26 UTC 1998

On Wed, 23 Dec 1998, Dean Anderson wrote:

> On that you are right. No one has any rights with Paul.  But thats half the
> problem isn't it. There is no appeal to Paul.  No appeals committee that
> makes sure there isn't some kind of personal vendetta or personal interest
> or otherwise unfair decision.

	I think the fact that people on the RBL can still receive your
mail says alot about Pauls supposed campaign of terror via the RBL.

	As with all RBL users I choose not to talk to the people that Paul
does not want to talk to himself.  This is *my* choice.  Do you propose to
to tell me how to run my network?  If so please contact the legal dept.
about purchasing a 51% share, otherwise stay out of the internal
operational control of my network.

	Where are these many?  I only see you, and your FUD is beginning
to smell.

	Do you also fear the power of BIND?  Given the widespread use of
BIND you could be engineered right out of domain space...  Hmm, lets hand
over one of the systems most important to the daily operation of the net
over to a committee, and say a oversight committee for bug fix handling. 
Throw in a bit of financial concerns (say bidding for the right to run a
DNS server...), we could blackhole the planet. 

	Now, lets take this elsewhere, politicking is not the domain of
nanog, and this has nothing to do with keeping our networks unbroke. 


Anything is possible if you don't know what you're talking about...

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