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Rich Sena ras at poppa.clubrich.tiac.net
Tue Dec 22 22:09:22 UTC 1998

Hey ya know - not for nothing here - but Paul's "whim" has proven to be a
hell of a lot more "even-handed" then most ppl's meditated thought - but
lets put it plainly - not many of us want to hear this anymore on this
list - Jared has provided a haven for this type of rant Dean - do us all a
favor and have your tirade there...

On Tue, 22 Dec 1998, Dean Anderson wrote:
> Thats an operational problem.  I think we either need to take the hammer
> away from Paul and give it to someone more even handed and fair about the
> application of the rules, or stop using the hammer altogether. The latter
> alternative is unlikely.
> I can live by whatever rules as long as they are evenly applied to everyone
> else.  I can't live with a powerful instrument like the RBL which is
> applied capriciously at Pauls apparent whim.  I think others agree with this.

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