poll: are any sizable exchange points using gigabit ether?

William F. Maton wmaton at enterprise.ic.gc.ca
Tue Dec 22 21:23:43 UTC 1998

Hiya kc!

On Tue, 22 Dec 1998, k claffy wrote:

> or are folks pretty much (ATM?)-switch tech'ed?

ATM:  A Total Mess.

> or do folks have plans to migrate to gig ether
> (or to definitely Not to, for some reason?)

For connectivity to NAP's like CA*Net 3, GigE.

> (or change 'gig ether' to some other
> imminent.technology.that.might.be.
> compelling.enuf.to.displace.atm)

Problem with gigE is distance though...
So ATM may be the answer for the short term.

> if u wanna send messages 2 me
> i'll compile/post to save b/w
> (which presumably saves much more b/w 
> if am posting via atm switches but etc)

I'm not even touchin that one with 11-foot
pole! :-)

> k


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