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Jay R. Ashworth jra at scfn.thpl.lib.fl.us
Tue Dec 22 05:59:02 UTC 1998

On Mon, Dec 21, 1998 at 03:31:55PM -0500, Dean Anderson wrote:
> At 11:29 AM 12/21/1998 -0800, Paul Vixie wrote:
> >"Won't" in this context has to mean "makes no effort".  AOL makes an effort.
> >Several of AOL's mail relays were blackholed in the first six months of the
> >MAPS RBL project, but AOL has been a model network citizen since then.
> So basically, if they sign up to use the RBL, then you won't blackhole them?

Dean, you're perilously close to landing in _my_ procmailrc, too.


"several of AOL's mail relays were blackholed..."

Nowhere does Paul say that AOL _has signed up to *use* the RBL_.  He
says they ended up _on_ it, found out, cleaned up their act, and got
themselves back off.

I begin to think you're being _wilfully perverse_ in your
misunderstandings of things people state clearly.

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