** Forged spamming going on

Dean Anderson dean at av8.com
Mon Dec 21 19:23:33 UTC 1998

At 02:16 PM 12/21/1998 -0500, Steven J. Sobol wrote:
>On Mon, Dec 21, 1998 at 12:38:01PM -0500, Dean Anderson wrote:
>> Actually, I think this might qualify AOL for the RBL, since they are
>> sending unsolicited mail and won't stop.  Thats supposed to be the only
>> qualifier, right?
>I'm going to assume you're kidding...

No. It is the only qualification. They do meet the qualification. I'm
asking for them to be added since they meet the requirements as specified
for Network Solutions.

I don't seriously expect that they will added. I expect that the
requirements for the RBL will change instead.

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