Registered Class C addresses

Peter Polasek pete at
Thu Dec 17 16:56:10 UTC 1998

I apologize in advance if this is an ISP 101 question.  Is there 
any reasonable method for acquiring a registered Class C address 
these days?  We are opening a data center in England and need at 
least 2 registered Class C addresses IP for the production network.
Last time I checked, subnetted class C registered addresses were 
still available (within the Class A range), but pure Class C addresses 
were not.  We very strongly prefer to avoid subnetting addresses because 
this becomes extremely difficult maintain when the network becomes large 
(as this will).  The reserved private range address are not appropriate 
because this will not be a private network.  Please reply directly to me 
and I will issue a summary to the group.

Peter Polasek
pete at

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