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Jared Mauch jared at
Thu Dec 17 02:27:22 UTC 1998

On Wed, Dec 16, 1998 at 06:15:01PM -0500, Ravi Pina wrote:
> Take a look at sysmon that Jared Mauch wrote... it kicks ass.  While
> it cannot doo all the checks you are looking for, you may be able
> to have it suit your needs.
> That does multiple system checks, blah blah blah.

	I didn't want to self promo, but since ravi started it ... ;)

	Documentation and usage is very raw, but I'm willing to answer
questions about it and help you get it going, because I believe
you'll be happy with it.

	I'm bug fixing as I just released the 0.80 (series) versions
recently, but will be putting a number of new features in shortly...

	Please feel free to contact me about what is supported,
feature requests, bug reports, etc.. I'm responsive as for fixing 
and (slightly less, but still will do) feature requests.  Features
will be added, i've just not got lots of time to work on adding them
as I do have a real job besides this :)

	Please ask me questions about it offline and respect my

	- jared

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