The Path to Fame and Riches -- NANOG Summer'99 Host

Craig Labovitz labovit at
Tue Dec 15 15:58:01 UTC 1998

We are still looking for a NANOG Summer (sometime during the beginning of 
June'99) host.

The main responsibilities of the host include:
  * Provide connectivity to the conference site (at least a T1)
  * Help provide ~10 PC/Macs and a printer for the terminal room
    (terminal room equipment is also often donated)
  * Provide staff to help with local logistics (e.g. identifying hotels) 
    and conference setup (mainly wiring the terminal room and hubs
    in the conference room)

All hotel costs (catering, lighting, room rental, cookies, etc.) are covered 
by the NANOG registration fees. In addition, the conference room hubs and 
wireless equipment are usually donated equipment (and some are owned by NANOG).

The benefits of NANOG hosting include:
   * Reduced travel expenses for your staff to attend NANOG
   * Your company name forever engraved on the official NANOG t-shirt
   * Life-time, official membership in NANOG
   * Fame and riches

Please send email to nanog-support at if you are interested in hosting 
a future NANOG.

- Craig

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