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Paul Vixie paul at
Mon Dec 14 09:46:22 UTC 1998

two things.  first:


i just blackholed the /24 this web server lives on.  it's part of a much
larger block but there's no evidence that the entire block is infested.

second, and this is just piggybacking since i've used up launch slot, i
wanted to let everyone know how things came out with the blackholing of
network solutions.  it turns out that it's not going to be necessary --
i met with david holtzman in DC on the saturday before usenix and ietf,
and NSI plans to beef up the ability of domain contacts to opt out of
their marketing materials.  it's hoped, though not promised, that this
added beef will appear before they send any more marketing material.

for background, it's not spam if there's a preexisting relationship, as
is certainly true for netsol and the internet's domain contacts.  my
reason for thinking i might have to blackhole them is (a) there's no way
to choose a non-netsol registrar (yet!) and (b) there's been no way to
reliably get oneself removed from the marketing list.  if either one of
these and preferrably both are fixed, then i'll have no reason to black-
hole NSI at this time.  "that's the news -- so, now you know."
Paul Vixie <paul at>

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