[whoisdatabase at hotmail.com: Re: Network Solutions Lists]

Austin Schutz tex at shrubbery.net
Mon Dec 14 02:06:08 UTC 1998

>>>At 05:42 AM 12/13/98 , Gomes, Chuck wrote:
>>>>To date we have tried very hard to avoid becoming content managers of the
>>>>Internet because we have never really been given any authorization to do
>>>>Also, how could it be done fairly and equitably?
>>>>Because of the concern for this issue though, we are discussing how this
>>>>might be done if in fact it can be done fairly and efficiently.
	How would people feel about having contact information available
via rwhois? On the one hand it might be less manageable overall, on the
other it would allow ISPs to have greater control over how their contacts
are polled. 
	It would be near trivial to implement if there was interest.


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