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>Subject:      Report: Whois database for sale
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>I just called this guy at
>>Site Promotion, LLC (TARGETEDLISTS2-DOM)
>>   3000 Millsfield
>>   Dyersburg, TN 38024
>>   US
>>   Administrative Contact:
>>      Promotion, Site  (SP7502)  spotfree at LOA.COM
>>      901-286-6157
>A *real* person answers the phone. I had a very good discussion with him
>and I mentioned that this call was part of the MHSC process leading to
>submitting his site to the RBL. He confirmed the web-site and its stated
>intention. I also pointed out that making whois contact information
>available to spammers was a lot like "tugging on Superman's cape", not a
>good idea as it would gain the extreme ire of every ISP on the planet, not
>to mention every other domain-name holder. I also politely reminded him
>that the whois information is for internet-related business ONLY and NOT to
>be used for advertising.
>In turn, he informed me that, as of this morning, he has decided to stop
>this activity. It remains to be seen if he will do so. Chuck, I strongly
>suggest that NSI follow this up with their own phone contact procedures.
>It is amusing that he, at first, tried to say that he didn't send the SPAM,
>but when I started to read excerpts from the text of his web-site he
>abandoned that argument line.
>At 11:28 AM 12/13/98 , Gomes, Chuck wrote:
>>To me, this indicates a serious problem at NSI. Y'all *had* to know that
>some scum-bag was eventually going to do this. openly. I maintain that is
>has been happening surreptitiously for some time, as this isn't the first
>time someone has spammed my contact info addresses.
>>What it disappointing is that NSI doesn't already have a "canned" response
>ready to go. It was definitely a forsee-able event. Is it maybe that you
>are aware of the probable response and don't like it yourself?
>>At 05:42 AM 12/13/98 , Gomes, Chuck wrote:
>>>To date we have tried very hard to avoid becoming content managers of the
>>>Internet because we have never really been given any authorization to do
>>>Also, how could it be done fairly and equitably?
>>>Because of the concern for this issue though, we are discussing how this
>>>might be done if in fact it can be done fairly and efficiently.
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>>>> From: Benjamin Azevedo [SMTP:Editor at Opiniao.com]
>>>> Sent: Sunday, December 13, 1998 8:09 AM
>>>> Subject:      Whois database for sale
>>>> To all and specially Chuck,
>>>> Spam received today offering access to domain owners email addresses.
>>>> With a registered domain to receive orders: http://www.targetedlists.com

>>>> As long as they start selling the list widely, we should expect even
>>>> more spam against domain contacts.
>>>> Isn't this offering a reason to immediately suspend/cancel this domain?
>>>> And maybe other associated domains too, as "targetedlists.com" has been
>>>> just
>>>> registered and possibly is disposable anyway.
>>>> Benjamin Azevedo
>>>> 1)Spam received
>>>> Re: Network Solutions Lists
>>>> Date: Sun, 13 Dec 1998 08:32:26 GMT
>>>> From: whois at finfin.com
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>>>> 3)Whois information about the domain offering the list
>>>> Registrant: Site Promotion, LLC (TARGETEDLISTS2-DOM)
>>>>            3000 Millsfield
>>>>            Dyersburg, TN 38024
>>>>            US
>>>> Administrative Contact:
>>>>       Promotion, Site  (SP7502)  spotfree at LOA.COM
>>>>       901-286-6157
>>>> Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
>>>>       VDirect Domain Services  (VD143-ORG)  dnsadmin at VDIRECT.COM
>>>>       716-262-2351
>> >>>  Fax- 716-262-3766
>>>> Billing Contact:
>>>>       Promotion, Site  (SP7502)  spotfree at LOA.COM
>>>>       901-286-6157
>>>>    Record last updated on 02-Dec-98.
>>>>    Record created on 02-Dec-98.
>>>>    Database last updated on 13-Dec-98 02:53:46 EST.
>>>>    Domain servers in listed order:
>>>>    DNS1.VDIRECT.COM   
>>>>    DNS2.VDIRECT.COM   

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