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John Fraizer John.Fraizer at EnterZone.Net
Sun Dec 13 02:37:49 UTC 1998

OK.  Before everyone gets too bent out of shape about my post, it is 100%
bark.  No bite.  I have no desire to be Bill Clintons cell mate.

Now, if I could just set up some off-shore company in Singapore to do
this....Naw...it'd never work.

At 08:29 PM 12/12/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I am so %^&*$ sick of getting email from spammers that I supposedly "opted
>in" to, I'm about ready to start high-bandwidth testing to them.  If they
>complain, I'll just say "Please do not be offended.  This is not a DoS
>attack.  Your network is on our Opt-In list of people who are interested in
>increasing their ICMP traffic."
>What a load of crap.  My ass I opted in.  Show me the logs, baby.
>At 06:12 PM 12/12/98 -0600, James Rishaw wrote:
>>Please do not be offended by this email.
>>This is not a mass spam mailing.  Your
>>email address is on an Opt-In list of domain
>>owners who are interested in increasing
>>their website traffic.  

ML.ORG is gone.  Check out http://EZ-IP.EnterZone.Net
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