Y2K Was: Re: POWER: San Mateo/San Francisco power outage report

Roeland M.J. Meyer rmeyer at mhsc.com
Sat Dec 12 21:10:20 UTC 1998

At 05:52 PM 12/9/98 , Forrest W. Christian wrote:
>On Wed, 9 Dec 1998, Nathan Stratton wrote:
>> I just wanted to clarify something, I got a few email messages from people
>> who said I was one of the nuts who is saying the world would fall apart
>> Y2K, I think everything will work out. I do not recommend anyone fill
>> baggies full of dried food, buy a gun, or build a house underground. I
>> think we will get though this ok.
>While I fully agree with Nathan, having appropriate supplies around to be
>able to survive a week or so without power or heat or water or being able
>to buy food is probably a good thing.  Regardless if it is January 1, 2000
>or not.

It is always a good-thing(tm) when living in earthquake country <grin>.
BTW, underground shelters are also viewed as ready-made coffins around
here. BTW, any SF Bay Area ISPs effected by that little shindig on the
Hayward fault last week?
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