ARIN co-located nameserver problem

Wayne wayne at
Tue Dec 8 23:16:26 UTC 1998

At 12:23 PM -0800 12/8/98, Michael Dillon wrote:
> On Tue, 8 Dec 1998, Dean Anderson wrote:
>> What about this policy of ARIN's--Do people think ARIN should be
>> registering nameservers by name or by IP address?  To make this work in
>> general, one would need to SWIP single IP addresses.
> There was a discussion about what should be SWIP'd in Seattle and it
> seemed that the conclusion was that SWIP policy should not be based on
> block size. Instead it should be based upon whether or not network
> operators need to know who is responsible for the network using that
> block. Presumably in this case, you are responsible for that nameserver
> and therefore the /32 should be SWIP'd to you. This does not mean that all
> /32 assignments should be SWIP'd, just the occasional special ones like a
> nameserver located on someone else's network.

That makes no sense.

It's really not ARIN's business what address space a nameserver lives on.

ARIN should be attaching IN-ADDR records to a NIC handle, and the owner of 
that NIC handle should be able to change the host's name and IP address 
inside that NIC whatever they want.

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