Help with identifying a kind of attack.

Adam D. McKenna adam at
Tue Dec 8 23:06:08 UTC 1998

tcp and udp are transport layer protocols.  If someone is sending raw IP
packets that aren't using a particular transport protocol, maybe they could
get through (?)


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Date: Tuesday, December 08, 1998 5:55 PM
Subject: Help with identifying a kind of attack.

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:I've been tracking an attack all day long, and have been frustrated
:trying to figure out both what was being attacked, and how.  Finally,
:I realized it was *not* ICMP, UDP, or TCP.
:#sh access-lists 151
:Extended IP access list 151
:    permit icmp any (1023 matches)
:    permit udp any (4347 matches)
:    permit tcp any (86444 matches)
:    deny   ip any (5547308 matches)
:    permit ip any any (4450563 matches)
:In the above, notice the disparity?  So, my question is...
:What the hell kind of packet is it if it's not ICMP, UDP, or TCP?
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