Lawsuit threat against RBL users

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And just to get it it not a fact that you have the vested
right to refuse service to any customer not meeting your criterion for
business, pursuant to rules you define that are within the framework
of the law.

I believe so. When spammers and their lobby pay for their vote from
congress to obstruct the right of an internet users "private right" to
choose the businesses he/she want to do business with, then is it
not, forced marketing against the wishes of the customer? And
does that not harm your interests in the marketplace?

I would conclude that operationally your business would be
harmed and possibly attacked by pissed of users.

I think there is to much emphasis on business and the rights
of the individual are being thwarted by people without a clue
and will in the longer run force a political solution from
disgruntled users and their lobby for their rights.

I support RBL for the simple reason it defeats the invasion
of my space that I PAY for with business that I do not PAY
to solicit or want.

I have a fundamental right to not be harassed, nor do I want
to be told to use filters or anything that consumes space on
my disk wasting my computer resources.

Congress and more than half these groups on wall street have
no clue as what they are opening themselves up for.

Anyway so much for my 2 cents

Henry R. Linneweh

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"Steven J. Sobol" wrote:

  On Mon, Dec 07, 1998 at 11:35:17AM -0800, Andrew Staples wrote:
  > Dean wrote:
  > >But claiming that you can "do anything you please with your
  >equipment" is complete BS.  There isn't anything more I can say.
  > I really hope you mean that.
  > Of course, cant' != won't

  You CAN do anything you want with your equipment!

  If it happens to violate the terms of your clients' contracts with
you,  though, expect to get hauled into court.

  Dean is right that it's stupid to filter without someone's
permission. Dean is  way wrong when he says that claiming
you can "do anything you please with your   equipment" is
BS. Last I checked, unless we're talking about colocated
equipment, you DO own the equipment involved and have
a right to do with it   what you wish.

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