ARIN co-located nameserver problem

prue at ISI.EDU prue at ISI.EDU
Tue Dec 8 22:11:52 UTC 1998

>...Presumably in this case, you are responsible for that nameserver
>and therefore the /32 should be SWIP'd to you.

I do not see this as a valid assumption.  It may well be that you don't
want to be bothered with DNS maintenance or you don't trust your own
network engineers to do DNS right and that you want to pay, say Paul
Vixie, to do your DNS for you.  His name and the quality of his DNS
knowledge will add credulity to your network service.  This works out
so well, that Paul decides to sell this as a service to many
small/medium size ISP's, running it on a single server.  Now one /32 is
the name server for multiple networks.  So the registration system must
be able to deal with that.  This is not an unreasonable scenario.

Walt Prue

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