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Mon Dec 7 18:18:57 UTC 1998

On Mon, Dec 07, 1998 at 07:19:50AM -0500, John Fraizer put this into my mailbox:

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> Yet another example of how IRC is a complete and total waste of bandwidth.

Please, let's not start this pointless argument again. If IRC weren't
around, the weenies would be hanging out on ICQ or java chat; or if
chat weren't around, they'd communicate via e-mail and file transfer,
or via teleconferencing systems (hacking PBXs). Just like in the 70s/80s.
Imagine that.

IRC isn't the reason for all the weenies; it just happens to be where
they hang out at the moment. (One might say that's an indication of
its success.) Your mention of this is more of a waste of bandwidth
than IRC is.

How about doing something proactive and blaming the real cause for the
problems (say, poor upbringing, insecure ISPs, etc), not one of the
symptoms? IRC networks don't encourage their users to hack any more
than large ISPs encourage their users to spam.

If you're going to comment, comment on how we can get smurf relays to
fix their networks. Don't gloat; it's not professional.


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