Worldcom Fiber Cut

David Diaz davediaz at
Fri Dec 4 22:50:58 UTC 1998

It looks pretty major since I have diverse fibre out of the state and all
are down.  This is of course if worldcom didnt take down my redund.
connections to give the circuit to more profitable buiz like LD or another
heavy hitting with a good SLA.


At least Im in Miami and the weather is nice this weekend.

Has anyone seen any issues with certain 800#s because of this?  I tried
paging several Bellsouth employees when I saw alarms on my OC48 ring and I
just got a fast busy or all circuits are busy.  Bellsouth did a great job
of tracking down exactly where the cut was.  They just happened to be here
installing a tampa-mia circuit and I thought they did something bad  so I
gave them a little grief till they tracked it down.  My bad...

If anyone gets an ETR please share it.

At 4:56 PM -0500 12/4/98, Mark Moore wrote:
>Worldcom has confirmed the cut of over 300 DS3s and 12 OC12s.  Apparently
>CSX is to blame.
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