Lawsuit threat against RBL users

Scott Lampert scott at
Fri Dec 4 04:53:51 UTC 1998

On Thu, Dec 03, 1998 at 05:58:18PM -0800, John Leong wrote:
> There is a different between traffic that is objectionable because it
> abuses the network infrastructure (e.g. Smurf DOS attacks) and traffic
> that is objectionable because of the nature of the content (libel,
> 'porno', copyright violation etc.).
> I believe common carrier such as the phone companies have every right
> and do take actions against abusers of network (e.g. people using the
> blue boxes in the old days to get free long distance calls) but decline
> to act as censors for the content.

	I don't know about where you live but here in BellSouth land you can
call the phone company and block outgoing 900 number calls from your line.  I
can also block any incoming phone calls that attempt to hide their calling
number. As well if someone repeated calls you with "crank" calls you can also
have the number traced and have action taken by the phone company on your
behalf. Does this count as censorship?  I believe this is analogous to what the
RBL does.
> I believe the RBL list falls into the abuse prevention category.  Now,
> if the RBL selectively filters Spam based on the content type of the
> Spam, that will be censorship.

	I'm all for the RBL.  I fail to see how anyone can make a valid
argument that one should be forced to receive any mail sent to ones mailbox.
Or that anyone can force a private company to accept unsolicited advertising
directed at its customer base from another company or person(s).  Companies
like magazine publishers get money for selling their customer lists.  If
spammers want to make the argument that they should be able to send whatever
they like to customers of ISP's or other networks, then I propose that they pay
(through the nose) for the privelege. ;) 

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