Lawsuit threat against RBL users

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At 02:46 AM 12/3/98 -0900, Szechuan Death wrote:
>1)  IANAL.
>2)  This is quote, interspersed with rebuttal.
>3)  Although it involves no directly technical issues, it is an
operational issue
>none the less.  If you doubt it, ask yourself this question:  would you
>spend your time fixing network problems, or monitoring content and
appearing in
>4)  This post is somewhat lengthy.

[blathering stripped]

>Tell me, what would you "choose" to do should one of your customers send
>stapled to their usage contract, a list of content they find objectionable
>ask you to filter it?  Suppose you can't, don't, or won't?  How about if you
>screw it up and some gets through?
>Power comes with responsibility.  Responsibility carries with it
liability.  Are
>you prepared to assume the liability that comes with "choosing" to
>block content?

1) RBL is not content biased. Let me repeat that in case you are having
trouble with the sentence structure.. The RBL is not content biased. 

2) Were it to become content biased, MHSC would be among the first to quit
using it.

3) The RBL is based on specific behaviour which is deemed unacceptable.
This behaviour is called spamming. Note that it *still* does not suppress
the spam. It only prevents spam from being delivered here.

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