Updated Speaker List for the 9th Maryland Workshop on Very High Speed Networks VHSN 1998

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				List of Speakers
		9th Maryland Workshop on Very High Speed Networks (VHSN'98)
				December 14 - 15, 1998
			Maryland Center for Telecommunications Research
			    University of Maryland Baltimore County
Supported By Cisco Systems,CESDIS/NASA, Fore Systems, Nortel Networks, Corvis, MCI Worldcom

David Tannenhouse, DARPA
	(title to be conformed)

Henry Dardy, NRL
	ATDnet: Moving from ATM to Transparency

D. Raychaudhuri, NEC
	Broadband Wireless Networks: Technology Status and Future Prospects

Pat Dowd, NSA
	Security in Broadband Networks

Pat Gary, NASA
	High End Computer Networking at Goddard Space Flight Center

Doug Montgomery, NIST
	NIST Efforts in Next Generation Internet Technology	

Scott Ferguson, Nortel Networks
	Secure Virtual Private Networks: Technology and Applications

Yuet Lee, Nortel Networks
	Gigabit Ethernet: Current Developments and Future Directions/Trends

Allwyn Sequeria, Nortel Networks
	Multimedia over ATM

Tim Thomas, CISCO
	Tag Switching & MPLS	

Randy Wood, CISCO
	Multimedia over IP

(....), CISCO
	Gigabit Ethernet

Pete Chadwick, Avici Systems
	Building the 21st Century Network

Daniel O. Awduche, UUNet Technologies
	MPLS and Traffic Engineering in IP Networks

Michael O'Dell, UUNet Technologies
	Pretty good challenges in building large networks

Helen Chen, Sandia National Labs
	Jumbo Frame for Gigabit Ethernet and Protocol for a "Wire in Space"

Brad Mackrucki, Rendall and Associates
	Broadband wireless access and capacity analysis

Anthony Rutkowski, NGI Associates
	Framework and Overview for Next Generation Internet Developments

(...) and Allison Mankin, ISI
	(title to be confirmed)

Roch Guerin, UPen
	QoS Routing in IP Networks: Experiments and Initial Findings

Pravin Bhagwat, IBM Watson Research Center
	TCP Splicing for Application Layer Proxy Performance

(....), IBM Watson Research Center
	*** Electronic Commerce Technologies ***

(....), Fore Systems
	(title to be confirmed)

Alden Jackson, BBN Technologies
	Smart Spaces	

Hemant Kanakia, Torrent Networking Technologies
	High Performance Routing

S. Finkler, C. Sweet and D. Sidhu, MCTR/UMBC
	Gigabit Ethernet and Wireless LAN Standards: Detailed Performance Analysis

	9th Maryland Workshop on Very High Speed Networks
		  December 14-15, 1998
       Maryland Center for Telecommunications Research
          University  of Maryland Baltimore County
            Supported by CISCO, Nortel Networks, Corvis
               Fore Systems, CESDIS/NASA and MCI Worldcom

The Maryland Center for Telecommunications  Research  (MCTR)   at
the  University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) will hold the
9th Maryland Workshop on Very High Speed Networks (VHSN  '98)  on
December 14-15, 1998. The Workshop will be held in the Ballroom of
the University Center on the UMBC campus.

The goal of the workshop is to provide a forum where  researchers
and  developers can meet to exchange ideas and report on leading-
edge developments in the area of high speed  networks.   Each  of
the  previous  workshops  attracted approximately 150 researchers
representing academia, industry  and  government.   The  two  day
meeting   will   include   invited   speakers   and   contributed
presentations.  Papers on selected presentations will appear in a
special issue of the Journal of High Speed Networks.

The agenda, driving directions, and other information regarding
the conference can be found at the URL http://www.mctr.umbc.edu.

A  registration  fee  of  $350  will  include  two  lunches   and
conference  proceeding.   For  questions  regarding the technical
content of the workshop or giving a presentation, please  contact
the workshop organizer: Dr. Deepinder Sidhu,  Tel: (410) 455-3028
or 3063, Fax: (410) 455-3969, Email: mctr at cs.umbc.edu.

Mail checks (payable to University of  Maryland  Foundation)  and
registration   form   to   Dr.  D.  Sidhu,  Maryland  Center  for
Telecommunications Research,  University  of  Maryland  Baltimore
County, 1000 Hilltop Circle, Baltimore, MD 21250.  All funds for
this event will be managed by the UM foundation.

Please DO  NOT  include  hotel  accommodation  expenses  in  your
payment  for  the  Workshop Registration.  Room payment should be
made directly to the hotel you selected for stay.  The  following
hotels are closest to UMBC campus.  Some hotels may offer reduced
rate.  To obtain the reduced rate, you must identify yourself  as
an  attendee of this workshop.  BWI Airport is approximately five
miles from UMBC Campus.

  * Sheraton International Hotel - BWI Airport.  Closest to airport
	 and UMBC campus.  Tel: (410) 859-3300 or (800) 638-5858
  * Holiday Inn - BWI Airport.  Close to airport and  UMBC  campus.
	Tel: (410) 859-8400 or (800) HOLIDAY
  * Omni Inner Harbor Hotel.   Close  to  Downtown  Baltimore/Inner
	Harbor. About 20 minutes drive to UMBC campus.
	Tel: (410) 752-1100  or  (800) 843-6664

For more information on the  workshop  and  directions  to  UMBC,
check our home page on WWW (http://www.mctr.umbc.edu)

                     VHSN '98 REGISTRATION FORM
                       (December 14-15, 1998)


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Department of Computer Science & Electrical Engineering  Tel:410-455-3063
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University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)    Email: mctr at cs.umbc.edu
Baltimore MD 21250                               http://www.mctr.umbc.edu

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