Perf. Analysis on Carrier-grade networks

Lawrence A. Deleski lad at
Thu Dec 3 02:56:07 UTC 1998

I have a customer with a requirement to do performance analysis, capacity
planning, network optimization, and network documentation on carrier-grade
networks.  Very few of the tools I'm used to working with (NetMaker, Comnet,
etc.) can do this kind of analysis on hybrid voice/data networks.

Does anyone have any experience with any software packages that could
address one or more of the above requirements?   The networks we need to
model consist of a mixture of TDM, FastPacket, and IP traffic running over
an eclectic mix of topologies, including T1, E1, FR, ATM (DS3), and OC-3
SONET.  It would be helpful if the software could perform failure analysis
scenarios on selected components of the network.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Larry Deleski
Cisco Systems
ldeleski at
lad at

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