identify hostname

Phillip Vandry vandry at Mlink.NET
Wed Dec 2 16:40:37 UTC 1998

> I've got to go with Pete K. on this one.  In our current, cidr-ized world, it
> is simply not possible for an upstream provider to determine what is, or is
> not, a broadcast address in a downstream network.  This is something that needs
> to be implemented from the edge in, not from the core out.

Don't forget that the original suggestion at the beginning of this thread
was that UUnet should filter broadcast addresses on their Cisco routers
because their Max TNT's couldn't do it, in other words take care of the
networks on which the TNT's sit.

It got escalated into a suggestion that they protect all their networks
and all their customers networks in their core. Of course that's next to

Point: Yes, people who have routers in their networks that can't be
configured not to forward directed broadcasts should have this problem
patched by filtering, (although it won't protect them from their own
dialup users from being initiators)


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