Colo Space in Sprint

Todd_R_Stroup/Fnsi/US at Todd_R_Stroup/Fnsi/US at
Mon Aug 31 22:56:18 UTC 1998

Any one have a small bit of colo space available at the Sprint NAP?  Any
other solutions besides going somewhere else will be accepted as well.   We
did have confirmed space at the NAP but I guess it vanishes after a few
days or so...

Words of wisdom in private please : tstroup at



From: "Steven Schnell, Sprint Corporation" <schnell at>
To: tstroup at
Cc: nap-engr at
Subject: Sprint NAP Information


Your equipment has been assigned to Bay 517.  We will be supplying
redundant DC power to your router only and UPS-backed AC to all other

What will be your access line rate, DS3 or OC-3?  If DS3, what CSU/DSU do
you plan to use?

If you desire dialup access to your equipment you will need to order your
business line from Bell Atlantic.  They can be reached at 800.755.1096.
You will need to instruct them to terminate your business line in a modular
jack in Bay 517.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments.



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