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Fri Aug 28 17:50:58 UTC 1998

> Uh, huh, this is not quite the real world. I certainly would like to see a
> corporate marketing dude even considering that. If connectivity to cust-a
> (surfer) sucks then cust-b will take net-b by the throat and demand
> something to be done (in essence net-b will pay settlement to net-a or lose
> cust-b).

	Realizing that most large co-located websites are in facilities or
at network providers who have many OTHER large co-located websites, the 
chances are great that cust-a will notice slow or no connectivity to MANY
websites.  Who do you think he will blame? :

a.) net-a
b.) net-b
c.) cust-b

	Of course net-a, he pays net-a $$ for connectivity, the customer will
not take many 'its on their side' answers from net-a, he will demand that net-a
fix his connectivity or he will leave.

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