Urrr... A-root server foul ?

Havard.Eidnes at runit.sintef.no Havard.Eidnes at runit.sintef.no
Wed Aug 26 19:49:29 UTC 1998

> Is anyone else seeing this?

Yep, once you point us in that direction.

> really *cool* udp trick, or is bcast space now DNS capable?
> What am I missing? can as far as I can see not be a broadcast address
under any left-contiguous netmask, unless it's the 0'th address
on some subnet and the router sitting on the net has the really-
old-style-and-now-deprecated directed broadcast address
forwarding enabled (not likely).

A DNS query to does however only elicit a single
response, so I doubt this is much to worry about.  (My guess:
they have 4 machines sharing the load via some form of load-
sharing setup.)

- Håvard

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