BBN/GTE Enough already!?

Mike Leber mleber at
Wed Aug 26 19:29:28 UTC 1998

On Wed, 26 Aug 1998, Tim Wolfe wrote:
> I know com-priv has
> been suggested a number of times as a more appropriate venue for this
> discussion and I would agree with those statements.

The common tie that bind us on this list is BGP routing.  This is the
appropriate forum for discussion by people that actually build their
networks.  Peering is the number one internetwork operational issue for
people that speak BGP.  If you only buy transit then this list isn't
nearly as relevant to you. 

The peering discussion is a reoccuring theme every year or so.  This time
there were some fresh angles.  I agree with you that things have been
pretty well exhausted. 


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